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The Village International



The Festival and its Marché du Film will play host to 40,000 visitors to Cannes during the ten days of the event, And at its heart, the Village International will offer a meeting place for national and regional cinematographic institutions from all four corners of the globe.


The Village's unrivalled visibility, thanks to its location near the beach and port and immediately accessibility from the Palais des Festivals, makes it a supremely easy place to meet partners. Under its white awnings, each institution will organise professional events such as contract signings, press conferences, cocktail parties or announcements of new projects in the terraced area.


The Village International is growing and catering to new arrivals with each passing year. Inaugurated in 2000, the Village then played host to 12 countries, with 14 pavilions. Sixteen years later, it is to welcome 60 countries, among which Armenia, Nigeria, Kazakhstan and Singapour are included.


► View the Village International 2017 brochure

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